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SKILLED NURSING: The skills and knowledge of our nursing staff enable them to coordinate care, oversee patient’s progress and assist patient/caregiver understand Stages of illness and recovery, Informed about treatments, diet and medications, Recognition of symptoms in recurring illnesses, Client’s rights, guidance to advance healthcare directive

PHYSICAL THERAPY: The physical therapist evaluates, develops plan or treatment and establishes home exercise programs to improve mobility, transfer skills, and upgrade ambulation, as well as gait, balance and coordination.  Prosthetic training, TENS instruction, monitoring and management are also included.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST: The occupational therapist evaluates and provides plan of care in the use of therapeutic, creative self-care activities of daily living and adaptation to their living environment.

SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST: Speech therapist provides rehabilitation service for speech and language disorder, as well as instructs other health team and family members on methods in improving communication skills.  Also gives Esophageal/Thacheal Esophageal speech instructions.

MEDICAL SOCIAL WORK SERVICES: A medical social worker helps patients and their caregivers with the social and emotional difficulties which may result from illness.  The social worker has the knowledge and information about community resources such as meal delivery, transportation, finance and other services.

HOME HEALTH AIDES: Covenant Healthcare Services & Staffing Inc. employs state-certified nurse assistants who are trained to assist patients with their personal care and hygiene, grooming and activities of daily living.